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Solarbaby's  Star Trek: Armada (Animated, Manchester, UK) (Formerly Section 31)

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(Also by Solarbaby,  Bermans Downfall  An animation in twelve parts.  Not yet reviewed.  Here are additional links to the work of Solarbaby: including the TNG parody, Revenge of the Turds.  This is also called Ztar Trek, The Next Constipation, and is a parody.  As such, it will not be reviewed until all non-parodies have been reviewed.  will be below the other links here but above the plot summaries and spoilers.  But Non-Go!Animate, Battle of Wolf:

NEW AS OF DEC 2010!!  Now you can watch Solarbaby's work on You Tube!  Here's the home page: !!  I'll be adding the You Tube links below over the next few months!  As of Dec. 20, she has released the first part of her Season 3!

Also: City on the Edge of a Fishfinger: (2:59)

Webpage as of Sept. 2, 2010:

Solarbaby (formerly Section 31) and Kermit present Star Trek Armada!  Rating: 3.5
Here is Star Trek Armada at the new website:  Season 1 has 9 Episodes, Season 2 has 10 Episodes, for a  total running time of 2 hours 13 minutes 52 seconds.  This series has voices, and also involves work by a person identified as "Kermit."  All are Brits.

The series now also has a menu set out as "LCARS" whatever that means.  But the menu is here:

On the whole, if you've watched some of RoTV's work, and can enjoy the stick-figure like animations, I can recommend this series. The quality of the backgrounds improves as the series goes on, and they start introducing more animation figures. The sound deteriorates in the second season, but not to the point you can't understand the course of the action.

The series runs like a soap opera, nothing is resolved, and things just keep getting more complicated, so there is no complete story here, so I am giving the entire series a single rating. At this point, I'm fully engaged, but a soap-like plot device was used to avoid a temporary resolution of the plot with the Phallusians and the Hydra, and that was a bit of a turn-off.  It seemed clear that these species would be back without that forced device. The other events still unfolding are more than enough to keep our attention.

The format of limited 2D animation has natural limitations, but this series is stretching those limits.  To the extent acting and directing apply to animation, the series is well done, and the editing cannot be faulted. They make great use of Trek canon, having introduced new species, but only from outside of the Galaxy.  They make excellent and wider use of species we may have seen just once in a TOS show, keeping well within what we understood about that species from that show, but expanding on it in a believable way. The series is well edited, and exciting, and any turnarounds have been explained as individual lies told by characters. The only problem with that is that we saw some 'behind the scenes' footage early on that seems to show those characters are telling the truth. In spite of plenty of action to engage the watcher, the writer does not resolve any of her plots, and she keeps adding more. The quality of the sound at times makes it hard to hear what people are saying, particularly at the end of the second season, where it seems to deteriorate.

I hunted the internet and found the last line of the theme song, "Star Trekkin" which I could not determine by listening.

Star Trekkin' across the Universe
On the Starship Enterprise under Captain Kirk
Star Trekkin' across the Universe
Boldly going forward 'cause we can't find reverse...

This appears to the the source of the song: and these are the lyrics,

Here are links.  More extensive discussions of each episode, with spoilers, follow below the list of links.  However, the links will draw up each segment of the show separately, which, for my computer, at least, minimizes crashing.

Trailer for the entire 3 season series:  (3:07)

Season 1 (55:08)
Episode 1(5:18)  Remastered: (5:20)
Episode 2(9:20) by Butterfly.
Episode 3(5:32)  Remastered: (5:58)
Episode 4(5:48)
Episode 5(7:19)
Episode 6(7:09)
Episode 7(9:39)
Episode 8(5:19)
Episode 9 (5:44)  Remastered: (5:39)

A review of Season 1: Fan Film Friday: Star Trek: Armada

Season 2 (1:18:44)

Episode 2 (7:01)
Episode 3(8:12)
Episode 4(8:13)
Episode 5(4:12)
Episode 6 (7:09)
Episode 7(9:39)
Episode 8(8:06)
Episode 9 (5:44)
Episode 10(6:41) Remastered: and (6:02)

A review of Season 2:

Fan Film Friday: ‘Star Trek: Armada,’ Season 2

Teaser for Season 3:
Full trailer for Season 3: (2:18)
3rd trailer for Season 3: (2:15)
MOST POPULAR trailer for season 3: (1:54)

And NOW, Season 3!!!
You Tube Play List:

Episode 1 of 14 : (7:14)
Episode 2 of 14 : at goanimae:
    at You Tube: (7:43)
Episode 3 of 14:
Episode 4 of 14: at goanimate: (6:24)  On You Tube: (6:35)
Episode 5 of 14: (4:33)
Episode 6 of 14: (5:48)
Episode 7 of 14: (5:49)
Episode 8 of 14: (on Go!Animate) (7:01) on You Tube: (7:12)
Episode 9 of 14: (on Go! Animate, You Tube not yet available) (7:59)  on You Tube: (8:09)
Episode 10 of 14: (7:41)
Episode 11 of 14: (7:50)
or in HD flash format here: (7:40)
Episode 12 of 14: (6:32)
or in HD Flash Format here: (6:22)
Episode 13 of 14: (7:05)
or in HD Flash Format here:

Episode 14 of 14 Part 1: (8:30)
or in HD Flash Format here: (8:20)
Episode 14 of 14 Part 2: (8:30)
or in HD Flash Format: (8:19)
Episode 14 of 14 Part 3: (8:05)
or in HD Flash Format: (7:54)

After that, a conclusion: End of an Era :-(- (8:20)

A Review in Two Parts:

Fan Film Friday: Star Trek: Armada: Season 3, Part 1

The Story of the Hydra in their own galaxy continues in Origin, (1:18)

Ztar Trek, The Next Constipation

Revenge of the Turds
Episode 1 (8:10)

Berman's Downfall.  DVD with titles:, must be played once for each time you play a Part
Part 1  (9:45)
Part 2  (8:02)
Part 3  (7:20)
Part 4  (7:47)
Part 5  (6:34)
Part 6  (4:53)
Part 7  (4:21)
Part 8  (4:38)
Part 9  (4:24)
Part 10  (8:30)
Part 11  (10:48)
Part 12  (13:18)

Trailer for The Tantalus Device (Starship Excelsior, Captain Sulu) (2:59)

NEW (April 20, 2012) Go!Animate series from Solarbaby!  Origins!  See the first episode, here:

Part 1: (14:33)
Part 1 on You Tube: (14:44)

Test videos: (0:17) (0:32) (0:26)  (0:36)

Solarbaby has learned Flash and is planning a non-Go!Animate series.  When released, that will move this back BACK to Star Trek Reviewed, but probably in the no time line section, as the new series will be Silver Age or later.  Her plans can be read here: . That page will be indexed from Star Trek Reviewed-Go!Animate as well.

MattyG has interviewed Solarbaby and made it into an animation.  You can watch it here: (10:33)

Plot summaries and spoilers follow:

Season 1 (55:08)
Episode 1 (5:18)  We start is the l'Rosk Galaxy, 60 Billion light years from Federation space (which,even with hyperinflation, would probably place it outside of our universe, which is less than 16 billion years old)...  Little green men ("LGM") in a spaceship.  They spot, and are spotted by 'the Hydra's' fleet.  They are alarmed.   They head out of the nebula into a singularity (which they appear to create).  We hear music unique to this show, which mentions TOS crew members.  We are on one of the Enterprise's shuttlecrafts, and Nurse Chapel questions Spock about a science conference he has returned from.  He objects, saying both that, as a Vulcan, he doesn't 'enjoy' things, and that the subject of the conference, the Genesis Device, was both highly theoretical and dangerous for mankind to work on.  They discuss the value of imagination in discovery.  There is a red alert, as a large singularity suddenly appears directly ahead of them.  The ship of the little green men who were fleeing the Hydra appears in front of them.  They remark that the ship could hold 250 Enterprises.  The LGMs hail the shuttle, but when they seen Spock, Chapel, and McCoy on the screen, they panic and say that 'The Hydra were waiting for us.'

Episode 2 (9:20) by Butterfly. This opens where the last episode left off, with the LGMs panicing and identifying the Humans and Vulcans as "the Hydra".  The TOS people don't know who the Hydra are.  Spock says he's going to do something, but the sound is garbled.  Nurse Chapel notes that they entered through black hole and could be from anywhere, and is admonished by Spock who doesn't think they know that yet, even though it's what it looked like.  The vessel ignores the shuttlecraft's hails as they approach.  Spock decides to identify themselves as the Hydra, and tell them to 'stand down and prepare to be boarded.'  Chapel objects that that is against all first contact protocols.  McCoy advises against that, too.  Spock proceeds, and the aliens open a door for them, and they enter a bay in the ship.  They leave the shuttlecraft into a breathable ship's atmosphere and environment.  The scene switches to the Enterprise, where the Shuttlecraft's arrival is three hours late, and have no reports of unusual activity.    They head along a route but not near the Klingon boarder, looking for the Shuttlecraft.  Aboard the alien vessel, the LGM say they just want to be left alone, and Spock admits to misidentifying themselves and explains who they are.  Chapel notes how advanced their techology is, while the LGM remark on how they have never seen different species work together.  Also, that they are enslaved by the Hydra, who look like earthlings and can read their minds.  The Hydra control many races with their destructive weapons which can destroy stars or planets.  The LGM tell of how they hid in a nebula that blocks the Hydra's mental powers, then created a singularity to escape.  Spock questions how such an advanced race could be enslaved, and the LGM explain he is in a stolen Hydra ship, their most advanced.   A Hydra probe is detected, it had come through the singularity with them and transmitted their coordinates.   The LGM regret bringing the Hydra there, who they think will enslave the Milky Way.

Episode 3(5:32) The LGM formulate a plan to destroy one of the ships, acknowledging that the others may appear at different places within their sector of the Milky Way Galaxy.   Indeed, a single Hydra ship comes through the singularity, closes it and starts firing.  We return to the Enterprise, which is searching for their lost Shuttlecraft.  They receive a request for reenforcements for the Klingon boarder from the Gorn something about an attacking ship of unknown design.   Scotty's voice sounds great(not a surprise, it's a Brit imitating another Brit) while Kirk's and Uhura's voices sound a bit off, but not bad.  Kirk wants to notify Starfleet, but their communications are jammed.  Scotty suggests it's cloaked ships, and just then three Klingon battle cruisers decloak.  All three attack the Enterprise.  Back with the LGM, we find out the battle went well, and the Hydra ship was destroyed.  Spock questions why they did not reason with the Hydra, but the LGMs explain that they've tried in the past to devastating results, and the Hydra are zenophobic beyond reason.  Nurse Chapel notes that the ship's corridors all look alike, how can they find their way around.   The LGMs demonstrate they can make them look any way they want with holographs technology, making it look like they are falling from many stories up in a city... the LGM thinks this is funny.  The LGM shows Spock a device that can scan the whole galaxy.  Spock notes it make live exploration unneeded... but then sees that the Enterprise is under attack and about to be destroyed.

Episode 4(5:48)  We open aboard the Hydra ship with them locating the LGM's stolen vessel and planning on jumping to their coordinates.  The two Hydra ships jump to a spot about 5 lightyears from the LGM's ship.  They note they can't find the ship that jumped before, and after such a long jump it will take over 2 hours to jump again.  They are being approached by a fleet of Gorn ships they see are inferior technologically, but they are horrified by the Gorn's appearance.  The Gorn think their hails are being ignored, and think this is war.   The Enterprise is under heavy fire, but manages to disable all three Klingon Birds of Prey, even while suffering their own power reduction.  Sensors, and many other ships systems are seriously damaged and offline.  Ms. Swift, an  Anthropologist and  Zenobiologist has just come on board, and she and Kirk introduce themselves after Kirk orders everyone to get their systems up.  Swift notes it odd that the Enterprise could fend off all threeKlingon vessels.  they activate main viewer only to see the scale of the Hydra ship, drawfing all three Klingon vessels like toys next to a bus.

Episode 5(7:19)  We open in the Hydra Vessel, as they finally can read the Gorn's thoughts and understand they are seen as intruders by what they call the 'ugly green monsters'.  They decide to send a message by destroying their ships.  Each Gorn ship is destroyed with one strike, and all the Gorn measures can be countered since the Hydra can read the Gorn's thoughts.  They note that the conquest is easy.  They have attack flying saucers which wipe out the Gorn fleet and return to the motherships.  Meanwhile, the stolen ship comes upon the Enterprise, where they explain their request for asylum, their offer of technology, and how they used their long distance weapons to weaken the Klingon shields enabling the Enterprise to win.  Spock beems back aboard the Enterprise, but the Enterprise itself is removed from space and reappears inside a Hydra ship... but which ship?

Episode 6 (7:09)   The Hydra ship, which Spock calls the Phallusian ship, approaches earth and a large space station.  The Enterprise crew notes that they traveled 100 light years in 8 seconds.  The Enterprise is transported back into space.  On the Enterprise, Kirk and Spock interview their Klingon captives who accuse them of attacking the Gorn with Hydra technology.  Kirk denies this just as he gets word from Uhura of the battle in Gorn space.  As Kirk and Spock report to the bridge, Kirk reflects on the nutty situation.  A people with technology far more advanced than the Federation's seeking asylum, and the Gorn losing a battle.  Spock notes that the galactic turmoil coincides with the Phallusian's arrival.  Spock attaches the Enterprise sensors through the Phallusians' scanners, and they see the destroyed Gorn ships with no signs of their attacker and no warp trail.   The Kirk and Spock are ordered to beam down to Starfleet HQ immediately.  Star Fleet has just received the demand for surrender from the Hydra.  They meet with the dissolving Federation council, who decide they can't give the Phallusians sanction due to the threat poised by the Hydra.  Kirk notes they may have sealed their own fate.

Episode 7(3:49)  The Phallusians are saddened by the decision of the counsel, plan to jump to another galaxy, but warn the Federation that even if the Hydra follow them, they'll come back to conquer the Milky Way.  Together, they might have had a chance.  The Klingon fleet, cloaked, is detected by the Phallusian ship approaching Earth.  The Federation goes to red alert, preparing to fire all weapons on the attacking Klingons. The Federation ships leave port, getting ready for the upcoming battle.

Episode 8(5:19) As the Federation Armada prepares for battle with the Klingons, the Phallusians open a singularity to jump to another galaxy to flee the Hydra, and beam what they call a 'gift' to the Enterprise engine room.  The device immediately begins to modify the Enterprise engines and computer systems.  The two Hydra ships, the Decimator and the Penitrator appear near Venus as Kirk demands the crew disconnect the Phallusian's gift... which they can't figure out how to do.   Kirk orders shields up and an intercept course to the Hydra ships, but neither responds to Chekov's nor Sulu's attempts to obey orders.  The rest of the Star Fleet ships are heading to fight the Klingons.  Kirk hails the Hydra vessels, the captain of hte Decimator demands he tell her where the Fallicians have gone.  Kirk says he answered a call for help, and that they didn't know the Phallusians were escaped prisioners.  The Hydra captain can control Spock with her mind, and Sulu has to knock Spock out to stop her.  When he comes to, he acknowledges she is controlling him.  She objects that the humans are resisting their mind scans and that she believes a face to face confrontation would be more effective.  Two Hydra people beam onto the bridge with weapons, as red shirts arrive, and Kirk demands they fire phasers...

Episode 9 (5:44)  The Hydra have portable shields which deflect the phaser fire.  They shoot and vaporize the two redshirts, but then, the female vaporizes the male Hydra.  Kirk asks why she did that, and she says, no time, if you want to live, you'll do exactly as I say.  She explains that, like the Phallusians, not all Hydra are content to live under their strict regime, and this is her first opportunity to take action.  Their command structure is based on how strong their mind reading and control powers are.  She is Jenny second in command on their ship.  Spock knocks her out with a Vulcan pinch before she can complete her informational speech.  McCoy is called to look over both Spock and the now captive Hydra.  The Hydra captain, Aliana, who is a Sarah Palin look alike, again demands that Kirk tell her where the Phallusians have gone or suffer destruction, and Spock picks up their megaweapon increasing in power inside the Enterprise.  The scene shifts to the Federation Armada, which is 10 minutes away from confronting the Klingon fleet, then back to the Enterprise.  Kirk explains he can't give them the coordinates because he doesn't have them, so the Hydra prepare to blow up earth, with estimated casualties at 8 billion.  Spock finds the Phallusians coordinates, but the Hydra captain prepares to blow up the earth anyway as a warning, since they want the word out for when they return to rule the galaxy.  They still don't have shield on line, but Kirk orders Chekov to move the Enterprise into the distrupter beam to save the earth.  They have enough helm control and impuse power to do that much.  The beams begin to fire, starting to hit, but not immediately destroying, the Enterprise.  The Enterprise disappears, but we now flash to the Phallusians, who comment that the Hydra have employed the megaweapon to destroy Earth, as they predicted...

End of Season 1

A review of Season 1: Fan Film Friday: Star Trek: Armada

Season 2 (1:18:44)
Episode 1(8:19)  This episode begins where Season 1 Episode 9 left off, but the Enterprise doesn't vanish when the destructor beam hit it, the beam bounces off the Enterprise and hits the Hydra ships, damaging them far more than the Enterprise could have.  Scotty reports that the gift of the Phallusians has upgraded their shields by 100 times, their phasers by 1000 per cent (that's 10x), and that it has effectively upgraded all their systems.  Spock notes this must be the gift the Phallusians gave them.  Doctor McCoy has completed his examination of  Jenny, their captive Hydra, and found that her telepathic abilities are artifical, and that her body contains an element not on our known periodic table.  She wakes up and again demands to speak to the captain.  the scene changes to the I'Sorak galaxy, the Plo'movra nebula, where the Phallusians are hiding.  The Phallusians are hopeful that the Hydra will be unable to follow them.  Back on the Enterprise, Jenny explains that the Hydra can't read human minds because they are descended from humans who were taken by aliens to help the aliens explore the galaxy.  They have gates that jump, not warp drive, they use their megaweapons freely when people try to resist them, although they lost the documents which show how they came to overthrow their alien masters.  Telepathy prevents others from making a preemptive strike.   They created just four ships capable of jumping without a jump gate.  She wants to join with the Phallusians and overthrow the Hydra to create a peaceful galaxy.  Kirk wants to know why she killed her own man, and she explains that he had orders to kill her once they got the Phallusian's coordinates, so she had to act first.   In a last scene 8 Klingon warbirds decloak and start firing their weapons.

Episode 2 (7:01)  Spock asks to be excused so he can attend to 'something' on the bridge.  However, we see that, as soon as he is out of the room, he doesn't look well, and he thinks that the close proximity of the Hydra is making him feel ill.  Aboard the Hydra ship, they are alarmed, and the Enterprise bridge takes note of this, seeing  that one of the Hydra vessels is falling into the atmosphere, in a direction which will drop them in the Nevada desert.  Kirk has not problem with that, given their attempt to blow up earth after getter the Phallusians' coordinates.  But he is told it will blast a crater 12 miles wide and block on the sun, doing serious damage to life on earth, so he realizes he has to stop it.  Jenny suggests letting her go, and going with her, and claiming to be one of the Hydra world high command, who are reclusive and never seen.  McCoy calls her suggestion madness.   Back on the bridge, Spock is testy, but contacts the Phallusians through their device to let them know the Hydra have their coordinates.   Spock explains that they have made contact with the Phallusians' secret agent, and the Phallusians explain she is not any agent of theirs.   We switch to a battle between the Klingons and the Federation.  Back at the Enterprise, the bio- and cultural-diversity expert wants to question Jenny the Hydra, Jenny panics and signals her captain to beam her back with Kirk, but the biodiversity expert steps into the beam as well.  They appear on the bridge as they see the ship is plunging through earth's atmosphere.

Episode 3(8:12)  Aboard the Enterprise, they are monitoring the battle with the Klingons, the USS Lexington is crippled, the USS Calypso destroyed.  Meanwhile, both Hydra ships are in trouble.  Aboard the Hydra ship, Kirk is volunteered to fix their engines.  He is objecting to Jenny  when their captain decides to create a singularity in Earth's atmosphere, which will save the ship but destroy the planet.  Spock decides to engage the new, upgraded weapons, and tries to call Kirk, only to discover he gets no response... Kirk is missing.  Uhura notes his communicator is not on board.   Kirk is working furiously to find a solution when Jenny notes they have a warp generator, although not a warp drive.  Kirk believes there is a way to use that to move the ship and the singularity out of normal space, saving both the ship and the earth.  Sulu tries to fire on the Hydra ship, but misses.  They follow it into the atmosphere, but Kirk's plan works, and the ship disappears.  The Hydra initially celebrate, but it's too soon.  They have only two hours of oxygen left, and no way to leave subspace unless they do so before the singularity collapses.

Episode 4(8:13)  The Hydra leader, Atriana, is concerned, as she is warned they have only two hours of oxygen and are on emergency battery power.  Their telepathy isn't working, either.  She goes to find Jenny.  She asks Kirk if he has a plan to get them out, and he doesn't but he's thinking.  Kirk, claiming to be part of the Hydra higherarchy, dismisses Atriana, and tells her to let him sort out his mess, since she'll have a lot to answer for even if they get out of there.  She leaves, telling Jenny to come with her, after asserting her primacy on the ship.  Meanwhile, on the Enterprise, Uhura discovers she still has contact with the Phallusian ship.  Spock directs that they make a firewall to stop them from accessing the Enterprise computer, while they go into the historical files to see if any part of Jenny's story is true.  At the same time, Sulu discovers that Kirk and Jenny beamed off the Enterprise before the Hydra ship disappeared.  Scotty doesn't know how to follow them, though.  Meanwhile, the remainder of the Federation ships ask for a cease-fire with the Klingon Armada.  The Klingons refuse, demanding the Federation superweapons, which the Federation can't give them because they don't have them.     Meanwhile, Lila, the Anthopologist and Kirk get the Hydra power back on.  Uhura has located the Phallusian homeworld.  Chekov questions if the coordinates are correct.

Episode 5(4:12)  The Hydra prepare to jump to the I'somet galaxy.  Spock wants to rescue Kirk, but the Federation High Command tells him to confront the Klingons instead.  Spock decides to disobey orders to save Kirk instead.  Word reaches Atriana of a robot based rebellion on the Phallusian homeword.  She prepares to destroy it.  Kirk objects that the bulk of the population was completely unaware of the rebellion, which Atriana agrees with, but has no problem killing the insects.  Meanwhile, the Enterprise prepares for a 7 week journey to the Phallusian homeword, but Scotty discovers that the Phallusians have given them transwarp drive, which will get them there in hours.  Back on the Hydra ship, Atriana prepares to destroy the Phallusian homeworld.

Episode 6(8:58)  Sulu comments that the transwarp drive is cool, and Spock acknowledges it has cheered up the ship.  They slow to impulse and are immediately shaken.  Scotty says it's because the Enterprise wasn't made to go that fast, and he has to divert power to the structural integrity field.  The world has a jump gate to create a singularity to connect them to another gate.  They have been mislead, this is not the Phallusian home world.  Meanwhile, Ariana demands that Kirk prove he's really Hydra high command by destroying the planet below them.  He appears to do so, Ariana is pleased, and Kirk demands they leave immediately to seek out the Phallusian Armada.   Meanwhile, the Enterprise explores the world they were lead to.  Sulu, Chekov, Uhura, and two redshirts beam down, and Uhura detects two lifesigns amidst the ruins of a city.   Back on the Hydra ship, Kirk and the Lola, the Anthropologist are alone in a large hall.  Kirk explains how he used a warp field to shift the planet to subspace just before he fired the weapon.  As soon as the warp field collapses, the planet will return to regular space.  Back with Sulu, etc. they are inside a building that looks like the insides of the Hydra ship run by the Phallusians.  But plants push up between pieces, and the lifesigns they detected are in wastelands outside of the city.  As they go into the wastelands, they are attacked and both redshirts are vaporized.  The others take cover.  Spock tries to beam them back, but is blocked, so he scans for nearby spaceships.  In the Hydra ship, Kirk notices that Lola looks lovely, and if they get out of there, he'd like to take her to dinner.  In the meanwhile, he asks she evaluate the Hydra.   She finds their thinking troubled, but doesn't think them inherently evil.  Scene shift to the Phallusian fleet command HQ.  Phallusians get ready to flee from the Hydra, and make a plan to delay the Hydra while the bulk of the ships jump, and the Hydra prepare to attack.

Episode 7(9:39) Sulu and Chekov battle Hydra men on the planet's surface.  Their phasers were set to stun, but the Hydras are vaporized when they hit them.  Chekov speculates that charged particles in the atmosphere increased the power in the phasers unexpectedly.  More Hydra men appear, or the old ones reappear, and the fight continues.  Uhura tries to hail the ship.  Back among the Phallusian fleet, the Hydra discovers the Phallusians have been warned, and it appears to have been Jenny who did it.  Aliana orders Jenny's execution in two hours.  Under Hydra tradition, Kirk must kill her.  Jenny and Kirk exchange threats, with Jenny insisting she did not send the warning.  Lola, exploring records, has discovered that the Phallusians were the ones who kidnapped humans so that the Phallusians would be free to do science and art while the Hydra patrolled the galaxy.  It was the Phallusian food which interacted with the humans made humans telepathic, paranoid, and made them lose their sense of morality.  In the fight the Phallusians also destroyed an innocent world.  Meanwhile, Spock notes that the nearby Jump Gate is activating, so all go to red alert, battlestations... somebody is coming through.  Aliana comes to execute Jenny, and Kirk wants to tell her 'the truth about Jenny'.

Episode 8(8:06)  A Hydra type ships which doesn't need a jump gate comes through the jump gate and attacks the Enterprise.  Lola confesses she sent the message to the Phallusians, but also tells Captain Aliana that she has discovered that the Phallusians have a secret weapon that can destroy the Hydra empire.  Back on the Phallusian homeworld, Uhura, Sulu and Chekov decide to head back for the city while they are under attack, while above, the Enterprise shields hold and they return fire, as the rest of the Phallusian fleet comes through the jump gate.  An Enterprise shuttle lands in the city just after Uhura, Sulu and Chekov make it back.  The Enterprise instead of joining in the battle between the Phallusians and the Hydra, attacks the jump gate to prevent them from jumping back to the Milky Way.  They are pursued.  The Enterprise opens a singularity and the Hydra flee, but instead of pursuing, they go after their crewmembers in the shuttlecraft.  Then, the Enterprise follows through the jumpgate.  On the Hydra ship, Lola discloses that the Phallusians intend to use the humans against the Hydra to tip the balance of power.  Aliana' solution is to wipe out earth.  In hyperspace, the Phallusians and the Hydra are battling.  Kirk's Hydra ship contacts Spock, Kirk demands he lower his shields, then orders Jenny to fire.

Episode 9(9:23)  The scene opens at the Romulan Senate building, on Romulus.  A Tholian addresses the Senators, something about the destruction of the Federation, but whether that's good or not is not clear.  Then, back to hyperspace, and the battle between the Hydra and the Phallusians.  The Enterprise is transported to the inside of the Hydra Drednaught, and Mr. Spock is transported off the Enterprise bridge.  (The quality of the sound seem somewhat reduced, the characters are harder to understand.)  Spock arrives, and Kirk has to correct him when he calls him Captain Kirk to address him as Admiral whatever... he Hydra high command.  Kirk objects to Jenny that as soon as Alianda reads Spock's mind, she'll know he is not Hydra high command, and says he didn't know Lola would warn the Phallusians.  Meanwhile, he has sent all the information he has learned to the Enterprise, with a command to pass it along to the Federation so that they can prepare for the Hydra attempt to wipe out the human race to prevent the Phallusians from employing us.  Kirk has also managed to kill the dampening field at least for a little while to let the Enterprise send that message to the Federation High Command.  McCoy wants to beam over the the Drednught, and Scotty forbids it.  Back at the Romulan Senate, the Tholians explain that it's a great time to attack the Federation since they are so weak, but the Romulans are not anxious to start a war when they have not had a problem with the Federation in two years.  What's more, the Romulans are aware the the planet killer which they think the Federation now has.  The Tholians are focused on the destruction of Star Fleet's ships,and concern that the rebuilt ships will have the new technology and be unstoppable.   McCoy disobeys  Scotty and beams over to the Hydra Drednaught.  Meanwhile, Kirk rescues Lola and Spock, trying to send them back to the Enterprise, having killed internal Hydra sensors.  He tells Spock to leave immediately without him to get the word to the Federation.  But the sensors come back on, and they are confronted by armed male Hydras.

Episode 10(6:41)  Kirk, Lola and Spock are beamed back aboard the Enterprise, and they raise shields as Captain Adriana is informed that internal sensors have been restored and that they can't fire on the Enterprise because it's inside their ship.  The Enterprise blows a hole in the Drednaught and leaves, unaware McCoy has been left behind.  Kirk orders them to the jumpgate to leave the galaxy.  They are fired upon, and they try to avoid fire, make it to the gate, and find themselves at the Phallusians' original homeworld.  They destroy the gate, still unaware they have lost McCoy.  Uhura however decodes a message that arrived just as the gate was destroyed from McCoy.  They can't rescue him.  They head back for earth, and after they go to Warp, a Romulan warbird decloaks with both Romulans and a Tholian onboard.  The Romulans are convinced that an alliance with the Tholians and an attack on the Federation is necessary.  The conduit is collapsing, so the Phallusians plan to leave to normal space near the Klingon/Federation boarder.  A small human colony there will be their first target.  Closing credits and dancing Green women close the show.
End of Season 2   Section 31 began Season 3.  I have not yet reviewed it.

Comments from old location:


section31 said...
Hi its section31. 3rd season will warp up the story and have a totally different look since I have learned how to use flash. The hydra crew will all look different

Solarbaby is planning a new, non-Go!Animate animation for 2012, Star Trek: Ascension.  She had not released it as of October 2014, but the name was changed to Star Trek Absolution.  Here is the opening trailer: .  It is set roughly 300 years after the federation is founded (2161), which makes it roughly 2461.  That would make it very early Bronze age, more than 100 years after TNG.

Starship Swiftwind (originally Star Trek Absolution)

New Series Poster:     
Solarbaby, who has produced many of the finest Star Trek Fan Film Animations, is seeking a voice cast for her new project, "Star Trek: Absolution" Read about it and how to lend your voice to this worldwide effort to create a worthy new Trek project!
Facebook page: (previously Star Trek: Ascension).

And here is a teaser!  (1:17)
Promo, released October 3, 2014: (5:01)
Titles, released January 12, 2015: (2:06)
Trailer released February 22, 2015: (4:34)

Season 1
Episode 1,  "The Galaxy Just Got Smaller" Part 1, (Silver Age, Animated, released April 9, 2015) watch it here: (41:34)
Episode 2, " "The Galaxy Just Got Smaller" (Silver Age, Animated, released January 1, 2016) watch it here: (39:58)

After the release of the CBS "Guidelines" the name was changed to "Starship Swiftwind."

Trailer for Episode 3: 2, 2017)

Episode 3: "Any Port In A Storm,"

Episode 4: Preview:

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