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Armalarm is alive and well.  Please note that films that are not rated are not rated, they are not, by implication, rated negatively or positively.  Much of the work here was done after I left reviewing to others and concentrated on indexing.  Many people consider Armalarm a great animator, and I've received more e-mails in his support than in the support of any other filmmaker included in the Star Trek Reviewed complex of websites.

Armalarm's Star Trek Series.  Click on the name for the Go!Animate Flash version.  Where I have found You Tube versions available, click on the You Tube address.
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-Darn Thy Mirror (9:37) Rating: 1
Episode 1, Darn Thy Mirror, Part 1(3:38)    You Tube:   (3:40)
Episode 2, Darn Thy Mirror, Part 2(5:59)    You Tube:  (5:59)
-Beauty and the Beast (4:50) Rating 1
Episode 3, Beauty and the Beast(4:50)    You Tube:  (4:51)

NOT Rated:
Episode 4, Space Torrent(6:52)   You Tube:  (6:52)
Episode 5, The Trouble with Sulus(6:08) You Tube:  (6:09)
Episode 6, Amockery Time(6:54)
Short, Shore Leave (1:37)

The Wrath of Bush
In Flash at Go!Animate:  Part 1(6:40)  Part 2(4:00) Part 3(4:47) Part 4(4:55) Part 5(5:05) Part 6(5:24) Part 7(3:03)
In You Tube:   Part 1 (6:51) Part 2 (4:11) Part 3 (4:57) Part 4 (5:06)   Part 5  (5:15)   Part 6  (5:34)   Part 7 (3:14)

Star Trek 2: The Search for Sulu Part 1  (7:17)
Star Trek 2: The Search for Sulu Part 2  (6:58)
Star Trek 2: The Search for Sulu Part 3  (7:05)
Star Trek 2: The Search for Sulu Part 4  (7:30)
Star Trek 2: The Search for Sulu Part 5 (6:31)
Star Trek 2: The Search for Sulu Part 6 (4:52) (complete)

Star Trek: The Lost Tapes (Dr. Who Crossover)
Part 1: Star Trek: The Lost Tapes  (4:41) You Tube: (4:50)
Left: To Be continued.  Not done as of Nov. 15, 2011.

Armalarm's Star Trek Series Menu: (0:35)
Armalarm's Star Trek: All Good Things...

Reviews, plot summaries, spoilers follow

Armalarm's Star Trek  Parody.  By Armalarm.  (14:27)

Episodes 1 and 2, Rating: 1.  The writer thinks racism is amusing, and in one form or another... Uhura's ebonics, Sulu's babbling, Scotty's drinking, Kirk's blonde boy stupidity, it's the same joke throughout.  Armalarm offers conflict with no apparent reason.  We have no idea why the Klingons want the Spock from the alternative universe, or why they want earth beer. Kirk hands alternative Spock over without question.   The episode is difficult and unpleasant to watch. GoAnimate offers no opportunity for acting, there is no moral, or scientific question examined.    It can be said that is was mercifully short, so I can give it a point for editing.
Episode 1 "Darn Thy Mirror Part 1"(3:38)  All voice parts are played by Armalarm, "And others" They approach a planet that looks just like earth, and when Uhura reports, Kirk comments, "Spock is that a black woman" Spock says, "Yes, Captain."  Kirk says, "I don't believe it."  They also have Uhura speak heavy ebonic English. Kirk identifies it as an 'away mission' and he then goes down to the planet with Spock, Bones, and his teddy bear.  They approach what appears to be a small deserted city, and Kirk comes across an unconscious bearded man who looks like Spock.  Bones says he has to be beamed up to the ship.  After examination, Bones says the second Spock is also Spock.  When the bearded Spock awakens, he punches Kirk and declares his intention to destroy Enterprise.

Episode 2 "Darn Thy Mirror Part II" (5:59)  Kirk demands answers, and gets punched again by bearded Spock, who grabs a phaser and runs out of sickbay.  A closing door protects him from Kirk, Spock and McCoy in hot pursuit.  The ships shakes, Kirk heads for the bridge, as the Enterprise is approached by another spaceship, a Bird of Prey.  The other ship demands surrender and beer.  Scotty enters the birdge with a bottle, drunk.  Bearded Spock interacts with a woman and steals a necklace.  Confronted by Spock, Bearded Spock phasers Spock.  Whenever Kirk speaks to Sulu, Sulu's speech is incomprehensible, and Kirk declares he needs a translator.  The Bird of Prey with TOS era Klingons demands the beer and somebody aboard who does not belong.  Bearded Spock has shaved, and put a beard on our Spock.  Then he calls Kirk and demand he come down to sickbay.  In spite of being in the  middle of a confrontation with the Klingons, Kirk puts Sulu in charge and heads for sickbay.  Alternate Spock attacks Kirk when he arrives, and the Klingons get angry about the lack of beer and attack.  Alternative Spock trashes Kirk in a fight in Engineering, where Scotty is passed out, Drunk.  But Scotty comes to and hits Alternative Spock over the head with his bottle of Scotch, knocking him out.  Kirk hands alterative Spock over the the Klingons, along with the stolen necklace, and everyone goes on their way.  Uhura objects that her necklace is missing, everyone laughs.  Kirk says he doesn't get it.

Episode 3.  Rating 1.  This episode appears to be a more or less random stringing together of elements made available by Go Animate!  "Beauty and the Beast"  (4:50) They pick up Nurse Chapel for "A very special mission."  Hearts tell us Kirk likes Chapel, Chapel like Spock.  Spock seems to like Chapel, Kirk calls Spock a pointy-eared bastard.  They are going to Simsar II where the people's food was stolen by a monster who attacked their settlement.  They get to the world with the Greek chapel to the Gods.  A giant ape stands behind the chapel.    There are other animated creatures there.  A Leprechaun, a snowman, etc.  A big muscle man flees, and Kirk is attacked by a lizard-like beast just a little bigger than a human.  It hits Kirk and sends him flying.  The lizard is impervious to phaser fire when Spock and McCoy fire on it, and wins with Kirk in a fight with sticks.  Spock pinches him out, but the lizard is back before they can get a plan.  Then Kirk and lizard fight again, with lizard downing Kirk with a boulder, until Nurse Chapel says he's lonely.  Lizard is in love.  Nurse Chapel asks and is granted assignment on the Enterprise.  Lizard beams aboard after all of them.

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Anonymous said...
You didn't review episodes 4-6 or "The Wrath of Bush" How can you judge the series based on just the first three?
Barb said...
For starters, those reviews were done before the rest of the series had be created, or at least at a time I didn't or couldn't find the rest of the series. Please feel free to write your own reviews of this, or any other Star Trek Fan Film. You can then do either of two things: 1) Create a blog, and send me an e-mail each time you complete a review. As long as it is free of foul language or non-g or pg sexual content, I will link to each of your reviews, as I have added reviews from Logbook Sci Fi Pulse, and a few other sources OR 2) Simply add those reviews as a comment here. Nothing makes me any more qualified to write a review than you are. Go to it!
Anonymous said... really think Armalarm is a bad animator? he one of the greatest...I think this is biased. Not even a whole series review. He has a sequel to the Wrath of Bush coming out, If im not mistaken

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