Thursday, November 17, 2011

Spock Prime Plague

Spock Prime    In addition to the stories listed here, he has produced both Trek music videos and non-Trek work.  I am treating his "Late Night with Mr. Spock" as non-Trek work, in spite of the weird use of Spock in it.  You can find it by looking through his videos at his Go!Animate page.

Spock's Revenge:  (0:40)

Star Trek On The Road Again:  (0:33)

Star Trek: Amok Time (Again)  (0:31)

Spock Investigates:  (6:09)

A Star Trek Christmas: (2:22)

Star Trek: The Secret Missions
Star Trek Secret Missions:  (6:42)
Preview:  (0:22)
1)  Extinction Spock:  (5:16) 
2)  Dreadnaught:  (7:43)
3)  Galactica:  (8:32)
4)  Reprise: (5:42)

Does McCoy have Turret's Syndrome?: (1:05)

Spock'Q Part 1 (4:47)

Star Trek: The Go!Animate Series
Intro:  (2:04)
Part 1:  (4:26)
Part 2:  (4:20)
Part 3:  (4:53)

The Socialist Network: (the Spock Prime clearly doesn't have a clue what the word 'socialism' means) (0:56)

Star Trek: Kharma
Part 1 (2:00)
Part 2 (1:49)
Part 3 (1:54) (Finale)

Star Trek: Vulcan Retreat (1:28)

         Star Trek: The Secret Missions
                 Star Trek: Galactica (8:32) NOTES[word ballons are not left up on the screen long enough] Six months after dropping Khan and his supporters off, the Enterprise, fully loaded with supplies, is sent to check on how they are doing.  She is interrupted before she gets there and told to dump their supplies, and sent, instead, to a disturbance along the boarder of the neutral zone.   They dump their supplies with the intention of retrieving them later.  But they hit Seti Alpha 5 and destroy the civilization Khan and his people have built.  Khan blames Kirk.  In the neutral zone the energy disturbance looks like a growing green galaxy, with energy readings, "off the scale."  A post-nuclear age ship capable of low warp (1.5) emerges from the distubance.  It's Lorne Green, the original captain of the Battlestar Galactica.  His engines are failing and he seeks and get assistance from Kirk.  Other ships appear, and before the Enterprise can get out of there, the Cylons attack both the Galactica and the Enterprise.  Ensin Ro, one of the crewmen assisting the Galactica dies before he can get back into the shuttle to flee.  A Klingon bird of Prey appears, but Spock manages to send both the Galactica and the Cylons to their own galaxy and damage the Bird of Prey with one strike.  They begin their return to Federation Space.  Meanwhile, the Cylons have combined the remains of Ensin Ro with technology to create a Borg.   (Mixed series, Rating: 2.5, that would be a 3.5 if not for the mixed series.)

   Star Trek Secret Missions: Reprise (5:42)  Silly almost to the point of unable to follow.  The balloons appear and disappear too quickly, but the messages are pointless, anyway.  For some reason the TOS crew is out on the TNG Enterprise while Chekov fixes their own.  There are malfunctions.  An alien ship and doomsday machine appear, Picard beams them off the TNG Enterprise, then is beamed off the TOS Enterprise by a call to "No. 1".  ??????.  Rating: 1

Here is a review of Spock Prime's "Twas the Night Before Christmas" Fan Film Friday: Holiday Special .  I find this to be a pretty straitforward retelling of the poem "Twas the night before Christmas" very slightely adopted to Spock alone on the bridge.  Short, no rating.

Secret Missions Soon To Return is just a flash of an assortment of pictures from what I take it are past animations, roughly half a minute. Spock's Revenge (39 seconds).  Spock beams Kirk onto a Klingon ship for no apparent reason but anger.

Star Trek Secret Missions (6:42) Rating 2. This is incoherent, as Scotty's explanation that he separated the last two parts of the ship doesn't add up to two operational ships, and why would Star Fleet Command ask Kirk to follow Mudd?  The whole show makes no sense.  Mildly entertaining, though.    "Junk Yard Dogs".  The Enterprise comes to a halt, and another Federation vessel appears.  Kirk awaits orders from Admiral Mendez.  They give over the Con, and Kirk and Spock join McCoy in a bowling ally awaiting orders.  Spock and McCoy fight until a request comes in from Commadore  Atkins (sic) that they follow him to Alpha Jo 5.  Kirk go to the Com, orders Spock to research Atkins and Bones to get Sickbay ready for he doesn't know what.  Scene switches to the other ship, where we see that Atkins is a Sim for some other type of being.  Spock finds little, but we see the other ship is not manned by humans or Vulcans or other known species, but by robotic looking beings.  The Enterprise follows the other ship, as requested.  They are confronted by a triangle of ships communicating in code Uhura can't understand.  She sends it to Spock.  Now we see that Harry Mudd is in charge of the other ship.  Soon, we are told they have a weapon that can cut through the Enterprise in seconds.  Mudd demands surrender.  Kirk separates the saucer section and both sections attack Mudd's ships without them firing at either.  Two are destroyed, one disabled, and the Enterprise can return to being a single ship.  Except, no one is out of the saucer ,so the other part just keeps flying through space.  Scotty explains the connection is the last step in ship assembly, so he just reversed that.

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