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Go!Animate provides tools to help people create animated films with sound or word and thought balloons. There are many who have taken advantage of these tools, which include Star Trek characters and sets.  I will  list some of the animators who create English language films, or at least the 'pen' names used by the animators,  together with links to their home page at Go!Animate in the webpages that follow.  I will also include many of their Trek offerings.  It should be noted, however, that these webpage addresses change often, and that many of these animators release a short, then make it not available for viewing, so this list is in greater flux and less reliable than most of those in Star Trek Reviewed.  There are at this writing over five dozen animators, but only a few that have created series, or notable works.  I initially tried to put those I suspect of having produced more quality and more volume higher in the list, but at this point the list is growing organically, with newly discovered named being added at the bottom without regard to quality or volume.  In addition, I am moving the non-English filmmakers to other webpages/blogs, as set out below.

English Language Animators were originally set out in a list unless they have produced in excess of 1 hour of Star Trek animation, (or close to it) in which case each is mentioned, but have been (or will shortly be) assigned their own webpages/blogs.  The first 50 are listed in the next blog, and 50 each are listed in blogs that follow. However, this entire group is now moving to Star Trek Reviewed-Go!Animate, here:   In it, every animator will get their own page, but you will need to navigate only through the Go!Animate Table of Contents or the  Go!Animate Index

These were assigned their own webpages here, which have not yet been removed.  However, their listings at Star Trek Reviewed- Go!Animate have been updated in October and November of 2011, while the older ones are more than a year out of date.  The best choices are:
Lord Sorcery Villains Haven
Spock Prime Plague

New: MattyGSpot

Some of these animators have produced non-Star Trek animations.  This are usually not noted, as they are beyond the scope of this website.  Each filmmaker is numbered in the Blogs that follow.  Most have not been reviewed.  Producers with 45 minutes-60 minutes can be either here or on their own page. Go!Animate has it's own Star Trek Channel:  I have neither watched nor rated most of the films on this website.  Films that have no comment about rating next to them have not been rated.  Filmmakers that do not have film enumerated under them and no ratings have not been rated, and their output has been measured for neither quantity nor quality.

The following blogs/webpages also offer Go!Animate work:
Non-English Star Trek Fan Films has an Hungarian animation.
Short One-Shots Has a Valentine's Day card animation.
Italian Language Star Trek Fan Films has Go!Animate Trek animations in Italian.
French Language Star Trek Fan Films has Go!Animate animators who are listed as producing French language Trek animations
Portuguese Language Star Trek Fan Films has Go!Animate animators who are listed as producing Portuguese language Trek animations

More About Go!Animate
 Go!Animate is a website that has created easy animations of TOS characters, and increasingly also TNG era characters. Go!Animate provides already drawn figures for each of TOS crewmembers, as well as a ship.  The motions are limited and stilted.  However, many different people use their tools for very different shows. What they all have in common is that they all use Shockwave, which seems to crash pretty easily, at least on my computer. I have to close the window and reopen it to get it to play, but not reboot the whole computer.  For this reason, I am going to try to create links to each animated segment on a separate page to minimize this crashing eventually. Most of the creators, in the blogs that follow, have product I have not examined.

Tools have been created to permit the use of new backgrounds and cartoon figures, but the original cartoon Avatars, were created by Coady ("TNP") Nickerson, who created ToonPub.

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