Monday, November 28, 2011

MattyG Productions

MattyG Productions (formerly MattyGspot)
Star Trek: Recovery or Star Trek: USS Recovery (both are used)  Original Time Line, set after the destruction of Romulas, but uses the animation characters created for TOS.  The panel displays look like TNG or beyond.  This is a set of short videos in a continuing (or single) story.  I found the first two slow, but after that the story picked up.  The show also brings in the subject of dealing with addiction, which is a very appropriate use of Star Trek.
Eps. 1  Promises:  (6:27)
Eps. 2  Maiden Voyage:   (13:14)
Eps. 3  Burn the Constitution   (5:15)
Eps. 4  Knick of Time  (8:12)
Eps. 5  Ill Wind (10:35)
Eps. 6 Cromwell's Shame (5:09)
at 48 minutes 52 seconds, not quite the 1 hour mark for Go!Animate

Romulan Schism:  (7:06)  Set 5 years after Kirk and Spock stole the Romulan Cloaking device.

MattyG has interviewed Solarbaby and turned it into an animation!  Watch it here: (10:33)

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